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A.K.T. Assis: Relational Mechanics

It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker handheld laser scanners and Focus Handheld scanning and inspection software. Advertisement Hide. Apeiron, Montreal. Book Review First Online: 24 November In an era when technology and science assist the progress of our civilizations and, at the same time, generate unwelcome developments such as science-based military weapons, Andre Koch Torres Assis, Professor of Physics at Universidade Estadual de Campinas UNICAMP , Brazil, proposes a new form of mechanics, which he calls Relational Mechanics.

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This is the antecedent of the Minkowskian conception of space—time, that is, of an empty space and time within which the notion of metric is inserted. The subject is closely related to that of the point electron —one more idealization- which is an excellent approximation for long distances but which in close enough distances is bound to failure.

Following the logic of miniaturization, that of nanomachines or quantum information, there is much more interest in taking into account dissipation than in ignoring it, since it sets the very limits of operation for this devices.

A different story, though, is that of reporting data transparently. Once again, applied physics will find new problems for theoretical physics, but we can predict that people will keep saying everything are fantastic new confirmations of the incredible quantum mechanics. It seems then that it is the same interaction between photons and matter particles, what else, what affects in an irreversible way the electron and the center of mass of the atom; some already have advanced an estimate of the order of joules.

At least laboratories has been trying to create electrons and positrons from photons for years and the prospect of doing so seems reasonable. The idea that reversible mechanisms depend on irreversible dynamics, that closed systems are drawn on an open background, or that irreducible and ideal particles are not such, sounds to the ears of the theoretical physicist as a loss of status, a fall from the mathematical firmament of pure ideas.

But it is the only outcome to expect if things are taken far enough, even respecting the margin of validity of closed and reversible systems or point particles. Real things use to have structure. This does not mean that an electron should decay, photons apart, into other material particles.

It is enough that its limiting surface and its spin have a differential structure, not necessarily geometric, that can account for its continuous evolution and its always ephemeral configurations. That is, the structure describes the momentary relationship with the environment, not an internal composition in terms of other equally abstract particles. Models for this have already been suggested. Once we have a limiting surface for a volume, we also have a framework for its changes, the structure of its spin, density, statistics, etcetera, etcetera.

As for the magical ring of reversibility, as long as physicist believes is their own right they will never be able to receive it as a gift. Since the only thing that makes it valuable is the background from which it is conditionally, precariously constituted. E Zhvirblis studied the osmotic and electrical rings in perpetual operation and came to the conclusion that systems where there are stationary forces cannot be isolated. Quantum mechanics, which pretend to do that, is, from a thermodynamical point of view, illegitimate.

Relational Mechanics and Implementation of Mach’s Principle with Weber’s Gravitational Force

The problem is that in these cases the quantities, although measurable, are not controllable, and physics is based first and foremost on controllable quantities such as forces. The only way to solve the paradox, as Zhvirblis observes, is if the interaction forces in thermodynamic systems are described only in terms of thermodynamics itself. Thus all systems, from particles and atoms to living beings and stars, could be seen as metastable systems, islands temporarily far from equilibrium supported by their own internal equilibrium laws.

Current physics constantly speaks of energy conservation but atoms theirselves seem unverifiable perpetual motion machines, not to mention the same energy and matter, which are conserved but have emerged from nowhere in a remote past. It would have to be more interesting to see what a system is capable of doing in the present than twelve billion years ago, to try to guess why a real entity such as a particle is not a point, than to imagine how the whole universe comes out from a point without extension. Both things are more closely related than we think, but some lead to answers here and now, while the others just take us as far away as possible.

For the ancients, to ask why the world existed was like imagining how fire came out of water; and to ask about life was like figuring out how water incorporated fire again without extinguishing it.