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This week, Newport is hosting a first in the sailing world: the J Class world championships. The Trump administration is considering significant cuts to the United States Coast Guard and other agencies to pay for the proposed border wall and other immigration enforcement measures.

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  2. Shadow and Shelter: The Swamp in Southern Culture.
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Shadow and Shelter: The Swamp in Southern Culture by Anthony Wilson

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  • Shadow and Shelter: The Swamp in Southern Culture.
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  • Shadow and Shelter: The Swamp in Southern Culture by Anthony Wilson;
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    Contact Us! Receipt sent! Check your email. But, arguably they have not been as successful as they could have been and they certainly have not been widely adopted by some of the biggest producers of wastewater: large businesses. However, this all may be starting to change. The white paper was a critical step in demonstrating the potential promise of natural infrastructure solutions, like constructed wetlands, in a business context. In addition, the wetland has been doing what it was designed to do— clean water— consistently for 15 years.

    It has also been providing habitat for deer, bobcat, birds, and, yes, alligators. This information and a set of standards for large businesses could solidify the brand of constructed wetlands as one of a suite of best available technologies for wastewater treatment, setting off a new wave of investment in natural infrastructure. But, there is still the question of whether the story of the successful constructed wetland will be stickier than the story of the would-be-gator that crawled out of the wetland and ate a deer during lunch last Tuesday.

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    Swamps: The Past, Present, And (Endangered?) Future Of America's Wetlands

    Constructed wetlands are not only more financially efficient, but the process is dramatically safer than the traditional wastewater treatment process. Since the system is biologically based, the wetlands not only synthesize oxygen from carbon dioxide, but they do not produce the hazardous created in traditional wastewater treatment that require additional attention. In the same vein, constructed wetlands can treat disinfection byproducts already produced and treat contaminants not addressed by EPA regulations.

    Looking at the facts, arguing against integration of constructed wetlands is a tough sell. Twitter Facebook Mail Print. Smart nature straight to your inbox every week Sign up for the newsletter. A triumph for people and nature!